Energy & Water Efficiency

Energy and Water Efficiency

Santa Fe, New Mexico’s building code has established some of the highest energy efficiency and water conservation standards within the United States. 21 Club’s Compound homes are proud to have been independently rated as exceeding those standards. 21 Club is committed to preserving the natural resources of this exceptional environment by utilizing sustainable building practices and materials that will result in a quality living experience. We don’t just build here – we also live here. For information on the specific materials and operating systems designed into the Compound at Monte Sereno, do not hesitate to reach out to its development team.

HERS Index

The HERS (home energy rating system) index was established to allow builders and developers to understand how their practices and materials align on an operating efficiency scale with the rest of the country. Specific components include: furnaces, water heaters, ducts, skylights, appliances and lighting to mention a few. The result is not only a preservation of our natural resources but an opportunity to create significant savings on home ownership. The City of Santa Fe has established a “residential green building code” that requires a HERS rating of 65. This is significantly more stringent than the national index of 100. The Compound homes in Monte Sereno have been independently rated 63.

WERS Index (water efficiency rating score)

The City of Santa Fe is the first City in the United States to implement a water use index into its building code. It is comprised of water use related to toilets, showers, faucets and appliances. Combined with its Landscape Irrigation and Design Standards (LIDS) Santa Fe’s 95 gallon per capita per day consumption is one of the lowest of any City of its size in the country. 21 Club is proud that its Compound homes have independently tested at less than the City’s established requirement of 70. Efficient and prudent water consumption is a responsibility of everyone who is blessed to live in this beautiful but aired environment. 21 Club is committed to integrating state of the art water conservation measures into the design and development of the Compound at Monte Sereno.

Although proud of these independent energy and water consumption ratings, 21 Club is constantly evaluating cutting edge ways to reduce our footprint on this exceptional piece of land called Monte Sereno. We recognize sustainable building practices as a critical element of creating a Wellness Community that benefits its residents.