Wellness & Sustainability

At Monte Sereno, wellness and sustainability are a way of life. We promote wellness to respect and nourish each other, and sustainability to respect and nourish our unique environment.

A Wellness Community

Creating a wellness community requires both a focus on environmental consciousness, and the creation of an ambiance fostering a feeling of connectedness among residents. Since planning first began, these concepts have been part of the very DNA of Monte Sereno.

Every facet of Monte Sereno has been designed to foster thoughtful community life: streets are contoured to frame majestic vistas; home sites are situated to promote quiet enjoyment of our grand scenery; and homeowner involvement in the Architectural Control Committee, as well as numerous other homeowner committees, nourishes real pride of ownership.

Monte Sereno’s residents exude wellness in their embrace of their physical and human environment. Monte Sereno homeowners are the heart of the community — a heart that grows as new residents join this special place.

A Sustainable Community

A sustainable community is one that embraces credible sustainability goals, which benefit both its residents and their local culture, economy, and natural surroundings. The developers and residents of Monte Sereno take pride in making decisions that benefit not only the present community, but also future generations.

Take, for example, Monte Sereno’s cutting-edge adoption of sustainability standards such as Firewise USA, Home Energy Rating Standards (HERS), and Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios (SEER). It would be easier to not meet these standards, to build for the here and now. But Monte Sereno is a community built to last: long-term impacts are as real to us as short-term costs.

And there are also a myriad of ways our community embraces sustainability and the natural environment:

Wellness and well-being for current and future generations is the true spirit of Santa Fe, and Monte Sereno is proud to play its part.

To learn more about wellness and sustainbility in communities, the Global Wellness Institute is a wonderful resource.