Welcome to Monte Sereno

Below is a brief description of the rights and privileges associated with your ownership of a home in The Compound at Monte Sereno (The Compound). When considering a purchase please ensure that you take the time to read the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws for the Monte Sereno Homeowners’ Association, the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s) applicable to The Compound and the Design Guidelines for the Monte Sereno Community. These documents are available by contacting our Community Manger, Margaret Ragle at Our mission is to ensure that you are fully informed as you contemplate joining our family of existing property owners.

The Declaration

Your home at The Compound at Monte Sereno is benefited by the Declaration of CC&Rs, a key ingredient to the coordinated development of Monte Sereno. Phases 1, 2 and 3 of the Monte Sereno Subdivision are subject to a similar Declaration. Among other things, the Declarations:

The Compound at Monte Sereno

The Compound at Monte Sereno will have certain burdens and benefits in addition to the burdens and benefits for all members of the Monte Sereno HOA.

The Master Design Guidelines have been modified to address the unique characteristics applicable to the development of The Compound. Please refer to the HOA management company or the Developer for a copy of the modifications.

The Compound will have certain private common elements in addition to the common elements maintained by the Monte Sereno HOA. These include: security gates, interior private roads and common area landscaping. A separate Compound operating budget and annual assessment (attached) has been established that will be paid by each lot or homeowner in addition to the annual and special HOA assessments for the overall subdivision.